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Review & New Release: Six Weeks of Loving You by Karli Perrin

Six Weeks of Loving You by Karli Perrin

Release Date: Nov. 26 2019

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The news reporters called it a disaster.
The doctors called it a miracle.
I could still walk. I could still talk. I could still remember every little detail about the train crash.
Until I couldn’t.
Six weeks later, I lost my memory. 
I woke up believing that it was the morning of the accident.
Six weeks after that, it happened again.
I have retrograde amnesia. I’ve damaged a part of my brain which allows me to recall the recent past. In other words, I have an extremely limited short-term memory – six weeks to be exact. 
The train derailed eighteen months ago.
I’ve relived that morning twelve times.
When I meet Spencer Hale, I put up a huge fight. 
I won’t let him in. I can’t let him in. But with each day that passes, my walls begin to come down.
I get one step closer to loving him. 
And one step closer to losing him.
Welcome to the train wreck that is my life.

Six Weeks of Loving you was full of heartbreak and despair and laughs. It’s a story that stays with you long after you’ve read it.

I finished it in one sitting and I’m having major book hangover symptoms that I need some wine for this review!!!

Cora was in a train accident 18 months ago. Keeping a scrap book for important information because even tho she survived she suffered from amnesia. Every 6 weeks Cora wakes up with a clean slate thinking it’s the day of the accident *cue a beach boys song from 50 First Dates*. She can’t remember anyone new from after the accident, but Spencer the new worker at the coffee shop has a magnetic pull she’s drawn too. But Cora refuses to let anyone get close to her. She truly believes that it’s more beneficial for other people to have nothing to do with her since she won’t remember them anyway.

Spencer is like a moth to Coras flame though. He desperately wants to know her and is working is ass off to prove to her he can handle whatever she might throw at him. But is it enough to change Cora’s mind? Is he going to be able to break down those walls of hers?

This book was like no other. The ending will be shocking. I wasn’t totally happy with a revelation we get no further explanation too but I also loved it. Mostly because After reading about Cora and Spence I desperately needed it. I wish the hadn’t felt rushed but I can’t complain. It’s just me being selfish and wanting more time and more answers. Things Cora says are never on her side. It was one hell of book and even though I cried like a baby it was an honestly beautiful story.

5 stars because this book seriously touched my heart, mind and soul ♥️

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