Review Policy

ARC Requests:

  • I am accepting print, and/or ebook copies that are Kindle compatible(MOBI usually).
  • I am also willing to do release day posts, and cover reveals & excerps
  • If I decide I am not interested in a copy, I will let you know
  • Authors acknowlegde that by sending a review request that the review may be negative (though always respectful)
  • Also I reserve my right, NOT to leave a review if I find it uncomfortable (ran out of time, found distasteful aspects, did not have much to say etc.)
  • Please be aware I keep my ARC’s (printed version) unless specified by the author that they do not approve of this. If they do not approve please let me know your prefrences in advanced (donate to a friend, send to another blogger of authors choice etc) So I am prepared when I finish
  • ARC reviews I do not give a specific date for, Typically before release date if specified, or as soon as I can read it (I try to read ARC’s in the order I agree to them)
  • If interested visit the Contact Page to submit a request, please specify your needs 🙂

Genres: I currently am ONLY reviewing Romance and New Adult novels. I do read some Young Adult and Fiction (If romance theme is heavy)

  • Genres I do NOT Review: Mystery/Murder/Horror, Biography, Memoirs, Non-fiction, Political

Reviews will include:

  • Book Info: Author(s), Title, release date, rating & Buying options
  • Book summary(Blurb)
  • My personal review (positive or negative critique)
  • Done in 2 ways: I got the book through my own money (or already owned) or if a print, or ARC was received in exchange for an honest review (I will post if it was an ARC)
  • Reviews are also often posted to both my Instagram and Goodreads

My reviews will always be respectful whether I enjoyed the book or not. I always admire that the author still put their heart and soul into their work!

Rating System:

Reviews I feel are lower the 3 STARS will not be posted unless an ARC or by the authors request

  • 5 Stars: I am so, absolutely IN LOVE with the book! Writing, Storyline and Character development are exceptional. Goes into my favorites list, and will read at least another 5 times (and highly recommend)
  • 4 Stars: I REALLY LIKED It. Is a great book, and still highly recommend it. Some details here and there that I either could not connect with/ or did not enjoy which did not earn it a 5
  • 3 Stars: I liked the book. I enjoyed the reading experience, but I could not connect totally with the story, and/or characters had little development. But I did Enjoy certain aspects. If it is a series, I will usually read on to see where it improves
  • Anything below 3 Stars, I will not post a review.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own personal opinion, and do not represent the publisher, and/or writer(s).