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Review & New Release: CloudStorm by Susana Mohel

We are so excited to be revealing the cover for CLOUDSTORM by Susana Mohel! If you love all things enemies-to-lovers romance, be sure to pre-order your copy today!


synopsis 2.0

Everyone has a nemesis.
He became mine.
Sure, he’s charming to the naked eye.
The perfect suit-wearing gentleman, scorching hot, as if he walked straight off a magazine cover.
But anyone with a brain knows better.
I know better.
He’s arrogant, full of himself.
A dream crusher.
So, why can’t I focus when I’m in his presence?
Why does the control I worked so hard for vanish at the sound of his voice?
Living in a storm I’m looking for my rainbow, and he, he is the sun who makes it possible.

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review 2.0

Cloudstorm has finally arrived and it is the perfect book to accompany Rainstorm’s epic love story!!

We meet Ariel in Rainstorm and now we finally got to get underneath all of her layers. She’s headstrong, witty and such a fresh character. I’ve never read anyone like her or with her type of backstory. This girl is literally a GOAL Digger! She works her ass off no matter the cost! But every girl with a hardened heart needs someone to thaw it.

Lancelot was the perfect one to soften Ariel. She’s struggles a lot and although she has close friends she still manages to keep them at a certain distant. His start with Ariel didn’t go off well in their first encounter but the steam itself sure did, hot right on the spot. He helped to show her you can trust your friends with literally anything.

I loved Cloudstorm not only cuz of the chemistry that lit the pages up, but because it’s about resilience. Ariel was just like the little mermaid. She suffered and lost her voice and had to gain new legs in a new world she wasn’t accustomed too. But she pulled through and came out so much stronger on the other side. Susana’s stories make you feel like you’re on the journey with the characters and I can’t get enough. So happy to be on this ride with her and her stories!!!


My Rating: 5/5 Stars

5 star





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