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New Release & Review: One Look by Harlow James

One Look by Harlow James

Release Date: October 14, 2019

Genre: Sports Romance, Second Chance Romance

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Can one look change your life?

Jake: More like one almost-taking-a-baseball-to-the-face can change your life. My first game in the MLB and I make a fool out of myself by looking in the stands when I know better. But those deep brown eyes on that woman penetrated my mind, made me lose focus, and left me more curious about her than I’d ever felt about another person. Fate intervened, and before I knew it, I was willing to risk everything to make this woman mine. They say everything happens for a reason though…which means when her world falls apart and she pushes me away, I have to believe that fate will befall us again. Danielle changed my life with just one look, and I can’t let her get away again…

Danielle: I could kill my best friend. After locking eyes with the hotshot rookie of the OC Rays, Lochlin decides to play wing-man and gives my number to the infamous Jake Calhoun. Never in a million years did I think he’d actually contact me, but I guess he must have felt that same magnetic pull that I did when we locked eyes during his first game. As I get to know him more, I fall hard, and the reality of dating a professional baseball player smacks me in the face. Then tragedy impacts my life and suddenly, my priorities have changed and self-doubt poisons my mind. Dad told me to trust my path, but sometimes, life can make us veer off course. Jake comes back into my world and I immediately feel that pull to him again. But is it enough? Can our past merge with our future? Can that look in his eyes remind me of the passion we shared before? 

They say one moment can change everything. But sometimes, you have to trust the timing of your life.

One Look is a must read that makes you realize the struggles in life are always worth it. It’s filled with chemistry, baseball, laughter and a great Eminem reference right on the first page.

It’s a sweet second chance romance that has all you need for a a great read.

Dani is strong willed and Jake is so tender hearted. He’s a rookie ball player for the MLB so of course I jumped on this one once I heard it was a sports romance. While Dani is a college student who helps her grandpa raising her brother. Dani and Jake are drawn to each other from first glance during a game. It was a bit of insta love but it was written well, It’s a little bit of slow burn which I loved until Dani and Jake actually start seeing other. But once they’re together they really balanced each other out.

I loved reading about Dani and Jake, the story is written so that you’re with them every step of their journey. Dani They teach you to be strong during rough times and to always trust your path!

4.5/ 5 stars

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