*Something in the Way* Review


Something In The Way by Jessica Hawkins



review 2

Something In The Way was so different from any other romance novel I’ve read. It’s sweet and engaging and of course filled with little bits to keep us on our toes

Lake Kaplan is a 16 year old girl with whole future planned out. She’s natural and naive, never straying from the path her controlling dad has put her on to go to a top school in California. When she meets Manning Sutter a 23 year old constructions worker who has felt a loss of a younger sister. Manning initially feels protective of Lake, often reminding him of his sister who loved him for who he is. Lake does the same, but it changes when Manning see’s that for a 16 year old, he’s never met someone so mature in her mind. Admitting she was sometimes mentally maturer than people older than him.

Manning knows he can’t be with Lake the way he wants, She’s too young and no one would accept them. Their relationship would lead to danger that Manning wanted to keep Lake pure of. So he sticks around with Lake’s sister Tiffany as the bridge that keeps them connected.

The first book was really great so far. I loved Manning’s character, he’s a kind soul who would do anything to keep those around him happy and safe. Even if it means taking the blame for thing’s he didn’t do. Lake is a young girl who shows compassion, and loyalty to anyone she cares for. She’s determined to make people see her not as a child. Their relationship is complex. And truthfully I cannot stand how the older sister Tiffany, treats Lake. I understand their dynamic, but you can tell sometimes the jealousy that comes off of Tiffany isn’t always warranted. As well as I wasn’t a fan of how Manning tries to maintain a relationship with both sisters, but giving Tiffany reasons to have feelings he does not directly reciprocate in the way she does. Tiffany is a brat, but she’s not all bad. So the flip flopping is what got me. But I cannot wait to see how things progress in the next book! Highly recommend!


4.0 starfish


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