*Deny Me* Review


Deny Me By Fiona Cole

Genre: Romance
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs



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*Arc provided by author*

I officially love Fiona Cole and her writing


Evie the heroin is a tough women who puts a lot of pressure on her view of love thanks to her mom, who drilled it into her head that love always leads to heartbreak, missed chances and loneliness. Evie becomes a successful fashion designer who just likes some good sex with no strings, constantly reminding herself that no one can bring her happiness but herself.

“Falling in bed with Jameson was easy, but falling in love was out of the question”

Jameson is Evie’s best friend’s brother. Evie has always sexually taunted Jameson because of his “uptightness”. Nothing gets her off more then ruffling his feathers. Jameson is opposite of Evie however. He’s looking to settle down and get serious after a life of loss for his sister and himself.

“You know, you’re always the kind of woman I pictured myself with”

When one of their games of sexual chicken eventually leads to a night in Jamaica neither of them anticipated. Jameson wants Evie all for himself, he’s waited for this, but with Evie her mother’s words hang over her head like a ticking time bomb. Making her question everything she was raised to believe.

“I didn’t know what to say, so instead, I focused on the strength of his heartbeat. This was Jameson. Always the solid one. Always the calm one who held it together. I relied on that then to get me through the moments before sleep”

Deny Me is a sensual story that pulls two of it’s opposite characters together in a wonderful way. I loved both of these characters so much. Evie is a no bs kind of girl with no filter on her thoughts or words. She brings out a softer side to Jameson, and Jameson is what is wet dreams are made of. Deny Me is Romantic, sweet and funny. It’s the total package, I HIGHLY recommend this book!


5 starfish


Jameson King.

My best friend’s brother and the person who could make an Olympic sport of ignoring my relentless teasing and taunting.

I was a live-in-the-moment girl flirting with a man who always looked to the future. He was traditional, carrying the weight of his whole family on his broad shoulders, and I had been taught to never fall in love, focusing on my career instead of a future with anyone.

He tried to deny me, tried to deny the passion simmering between us, bubbling under the surface of every game we played.

But all that changed during one week in Jamaica. 

Falling into bed with Jameson was easy, but falling in love was out of the question.

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