*Imagine Me* Review 


Imagine Me by Fiona Cole

Genre: Romance/ Erotic

Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs

GoodReads TBR

Release Date: November 16

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*Arc kindly provided by author*

This was my first book by Fiona Cole and I think I’ve found another author to add to my favorites list


Shane is a sexy brooding detective who keeps to himself except for staying close to his best friend Jack
Who also happens to be the older brother of Shane’s sultry surprise, one night in Jamaica, Juliana…

“I would have followed him to the depths of hell if I could still feel his body pressed to mine”

Juliana is living in Cincinnati trying to be the independent woman her parents and ex-boyfriend don’t believe her to be. Earning her spot in a good job out of graduate school and eventually teaching people in the lab at the same station Shane works at. Their one night in Jamaica keeps coming back to Juliana’s mind and she can’t get over not having another round with Shane. Especially with his taunting comments that she is just a “little girl”, in order to prove him wrong.


Imagine Me is a wonderful book that keeps it sexy and still manages to make you feel all kinds of emotions. Juliana and Shane’s chemistry was off the charts, Fiona does a great job of making these character real through their individual problems and their funny quirks! Shane’s brooding and touching back story, along with Juliana’s sass and smarts.

“I’m not sorry for loving you. You scare the shit out of me. But I’m not sorry for falling on love with you”

Imagine Me was more than I could have ever imagined it to be. It was such a great read, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves some deep romance and a little dirty talk!



5 starfish


Shane’s her brother’s best friend and thirteen years older than her. Juliana knows his desire to be the loner and to never settle down.

But none of that stops her from showing up at his hotel room late one night.

Months later, she imagines every scenario for when she runs into Shane again. However, she never imagined him brushing off their scorching night together. She never imagined him calling her a ‘little girl’ who can’t handle a man.

His words ignite a fire in Juliana. If she has to date every single guy in Cincinnati, she’ll prove that she is more than capable of “handling” a man. Except Juliana and Shane can’t stay away from each other, so they set up some rules; only sex, and no telling her brother.

It doesn’t take long for the sex to turn into feelings, and Juliana can feel his icy exterior melting. Is he willing to risk his best friend for a chance at love?

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