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Review & New Release: Beyond Our Forever by Susana Mohel

Beyond our Forever by Susana Mohel is Now Available!


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synopsis 2.0


Some loves last a lifetime. Ours will live forever…

Our story doesn’t end with happily ever after. For Bruce and I, it was just the beginning.
Marriage, the promise of happiness.
That was what everyone saw. However, that was nothing more than a mirage.
The reflection of the sun on the desert sand. Our story was imperfect, just as we were.
Now, I wander lost in a world I don’t know, blurred between the shadows of routine and loneliness.
Despite that, I am determined to keep going. Playing with pieces of my heart I’d never thought I would risk.
I’m looking for who I really am, when a man I never thought I knew comes into my life, making me smile again. Helping me to believe again.
He shows me, for once, I can be myself and be happy.
And perhaps, we can be happy together, beyond our forever.





review 2.0

Beyond our Forever has Susana’s typical flair for a raw and outstanding story

A second chance romance for Thia and Bruce, this book gives you all the good and gritty that comes along with a marriage. The chemistry was evident between these characters that even separated you could feel their love for one another.

Unfortunately love isn’t enough for Thia and Bruce, after years of marriage the common and sad reality of routine, work & children has caused them to drift apart.

Bruce is ready for a second chance, he just has to convince Thia to give both him and their marriage another shot

Throughout the story we get to see their past and present. I loved seeing how these two came to be and fell in love and fell apart. It was raw and though not ideal in a love story, it’s so real and so Susana. She makes her story so true to life you can’t help but love them and the tears that go along with it. It was raw, emotional, sweet and had a bit of a twist.

No marriage is picture perfect and this book shows that even though there are struggles, there is Triumph too.


4.5/5 stars

4.5 stars




author 2.0


Susana Mohel is a bilingual, international bestseller and the author of twenty books published in two languages. In 2016 Susana was chosen as one of the Amazon Indie Contest runners.

Married with the Grinch, she’s the mother of a beautiful girl and a fur baby. For her, life is about having fun with her family, crafting, and everything pineapples. She’s a consummated goal digger, who writes heart-wrenching second chances and enemies to lovers sprinkled with fun and sexiness.

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