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Review & New Release: Match Cut by Julie Olivia



MATCH CUT IS LIVE! Check out this new small town romance fill with heat, camping fun, and a swoon worthy brother’s best friend! 🔥🔥




Match Cut by Julie Olivia

Release Date: June 15th, 2020


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synopsis 2.0

When I moved back to my hometown of Foxe Hill, I knew a few things for certain:

First, I needed to overcome the world’s worst case of writer’s block. My first documentary film might have won some big awards, but that doesn’t cement a career. Second, this move must remain temporary. After ten years away, I don’t plan on staying. Third, and most importantly, I cannot, under any circumstances, fall back in love with my brother’s best friend, Keaton Marks.

Easier said than done in Foxe Hill.

When I’m around Keaton, I feel less like an award-winning filmmaker and more like the teenager I was when I first fell for him. He’s still the gorgeous, quiet, and way out-of-my-league man, now complete with biceps and a beard—have mercy on my soul—and I’m still his best friend’s little sister.

Keaton wouldn’t notice me even if I wanted him to, so it’s just business as usual when I keep running into him—completely innocent up until the day he pulls me into the most earth-shattering, world-changing, is-this-really-happening kiss.

With my film career on the line, I can’t afford any distractions. But the way he’s looking at me now, with his eyes wandering as far as I’d always hoped they would? It’s the biggest distraction I can think of.

Welcome home, Violet.



review 2.0

Match Cut was a light, small town romance that gives you the welcoming cozy vibes.

I read this In one sitting! One thing I love about small town romances is the familiarity of the characters and revisiting their pasts.

Keaton and Violet have known & crushed on one another for 10 years. When Violet returns all those feelings rush back and leave these two questioning their friendship and fearing Violets brother, Asher’s reaction. All the while Violet struggles with her writers block.

The brothers best friend aspect I felt was a little exaggerated. It seemed like a big deal but turned out not to be. Keaton and Violet had some sexual tension, I was dying for them to get together. The only thing that really bothered me was how drawn out the slow burn was. What I loved though was that the plot line was simple, there was no added in/ unnecessary drama for word counts sake.

Keaton was a true gentleman and sweetheart, I adored his character. I also loved how confident and genuine Violet was.

It was my first Julie Olivia book but it won’t be my last!!


4/5 stars

4 star


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