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New Release & Review: Tell Me Pretty Lies by Charleigh Rose (Heartbreak Hill #1)


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TELL ME PRETTY LIES by Charleigh Rose

Release Date: March 18th

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synopsis 2.0


Three things my mother acquired when she became engaged:

1. A brand new Tiffany’s ring.
2. A lavish home on Heartbreak Hill.
3. Three privileged stepsons.

The last thing I expected was to fall for one of them, least of all Thayer Ames.

Beautiful, brooding, and untouchable.
I knew it was a bad idea. He warned me himself.
But he was a thunderstorm, and I never could resist the rain.

It was perfect…
Until it wasn’t.

One night was all it took for our world to crumble around us, leaving only secrets and

lies between us.

Now, I have to face him again, and the boy I used to know has become the man who

loves to hate me.

review 2.0


Tell Me Pretty Lies is the highly new anticipated release from Charleigh Rose, following the secret relationship between stepsiblings Thayer & Shayne. It was hot, angsty and had an interesting murder mystery aspect.

The book starts quickly and gets right to the center storyline with the funeral of a family member. It hits the whole family hard and you see immediately the sexual chemistry between Thayer and Shayne. It starts off as hot and emotional. Afterward is when it gets messy. Fast forward 9 months, a lot has happened and the once love between Shayne & her stepbrother Thayer has quickly turned to hatred. Thayer hates her for a secret he feels shes hiding & himself for wanting her so bad while knowing this. While Shayne pretty much pretends to hate Thayer for hating her. The moment these two get within eyeshot of each other though it’s definitely on. Thayer challenges her to step outside her ‘good girl persona’ and She challenges him to feel and not push people away.

The two of them have this constant tug and pull relationship, filled with hate, lust, lies and secret affection. All the while they have to deal with a lingering suspicion over the death of their loved one.

The book while I definitely enjoyed it, fell flat for me in a couple different ways. Shayne & Thayer’s sexual chemistry was evident from the first scene, but their emotional connection really lacked. We get thrown in a sort of messy narrative with it jumping from funeral to hatred, to lust, to hatred and so forth. I wish we had been able to see Thayer and Shayne before the funeral that doesn’t involve something sexual. We see pieces of Shayne on a deeper level than we ever do Thayer, which sucked a little because with his family history & tension it could have gone further than surface level.
Besides that, we also get the murder mystery aspect, which was pretty much the background plot the whole book. I really enjoyed this part but then, in the end, it got wrapped up so quickly & boom, here is the epilogue. We get no further info on what happened with that after. So that left me with all this buildup to wham, bam, thank you mam (shrugs shoulders)

Holden, however, was incredible. The bad boy with charm for sure. I really hope we get to see more of him and Valen, those two definitely make things interesting.

Pretty much I enjoyed it. Even though it lacked in areas the sex scenes definitely made up for it. I’m also a huge fan of enemies to lovers and step-sibling dirtiness so the banter and anticipation of “will they, won’t they” kept me on my toes. I love Charleigh and her writing and I’m looking forward to more Heartbreak Hill stories!

4 Stars








“Shayne!” Thayer’s voice breaks through the heavy rain. I cross my arms and continue

toward my house.

Thunder rolls and lightning follows again, much sooner this time, telling me the storm is
moving closer. I push wet hair out of my face, squinting to see through the rain.

“What the fuck, Shayne,” Thayer booms, running up behind me. I turn to face him, his

dark, wet hair falling in front of his eyes. “Are you crazy?”

“You told me to leave!”

“Well now I’m telling you to get your ass back inside the barn!”

I shake my head as the thunder booms once more. I know I’m being unreasonable. Now
is not the time to hold anything against him. But I can’t help it. I turn back around,
heading for the house. We’re only slightly closer to the barn anyway, and I’d rather get
somewhere warm. But then Thayer’s hand is gripping mine, pulling me back toward


A loud crack splits my ears as another flash of light appears, interrupting us. Thayer and
I both look over to see a bolt of lightning hit a tree only feet away. It blazes down the
tree in a straight line, chunks of bark flying off. I stand there wide-eyed, staring at the

smoke that follows.

“We need to leave.” Thayer grabs my hand again. When we touch, I feel a jolt shoot
through my thumb and down wrist, and I drop his hand like it’s on fire.

“What was that?” It doesn’t exactly hurt, but I definitely felt something.

Thayer frowns, bringing a hand up to grip his bare shoulder, but he doesn’t respond. He

felt it too.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Holden calls out, running up to us from the
direction of the house. “The old man’s about to lose his shit.” He looks between the two
of us, Thayer shirtless, his belt buckle still undone, and me, shoeless, looking more like

a wild animal than a girl.

I freeze, not knowing how I’m going to explain, but Thayer’s quick on his feet, even

three sheets to the wind.

“Pretty sure she just got hit by some ground lightning,” he says, gesturing to the tree

that’s still smoking. “She should probably get to the E.R.”

“What? No, I’m fine,” I insist, shaking my head.

Ground lightning? Is that what that was? I barely felt it.

Holden rushes over to me and Thayer takes off, giving me one last look over his
shoulder as Holden inspects me for damage. I can’t pry my eyes away from him,
standing there in the pouring rain with his bare, tan chest heaving, perpetual frown in
place. Somehow, I know that for the second time this week, everything is about to

change. I feel it in my bones.

And I can’t shake the feeling that Thayer just said goodbye.

For good.






author 2.0



Charleigh Rose lives in Narnia with her husband and two young children. She’s hopelessly devoted to unconventional love and pizza. When she isn’t reading or mom-ing, she’s writing moody, broody, swoony romance.


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