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Excerpt Reveal: Sanctum by K. Michelle

Take a peak inside SANCTUM, by Author K. Michelle! Don’t forget to add it to your TBR!


Sanctum (Sacred Series #1) by K. Michelle

Cover by: Books and Moods

NA Contemporary Romance

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From author K. Michelle comes a thrilling NEW dark series.

A hate fuelled romance between Cohen and Dessa…

Do I scare you, Little One?

Do I make your knees shake and hands tremble? Does your heart race and your lips quiver around me? I’m your worst nightmare, lurking in the black oblivion that surrounds you. Always watching. Always waiting. They call me Priest, and I’ll make you repent for your sins. But I won’t be able to protect you from mine.


Do I scare you, Cohen?

Does my mere presence heighten your pulse and warm the blood in your veins? Do I stir the deepest parts of you? The parts you buried deep inside long ago? Admit it, Cohen, I’m a thrill, scattered within the deepest layers of your mind. Always tempting. Always enticing. You found me in the woods. You were a danger, and I was naïve. But now I want the wolf that hunts me.   Call it a truce. Call it a surrender. He needs justice. I need answers.


It’s us against them.

Cohen may have claimed me, but Sanctum wants to own me. They plan on collecting.


But so am I.





Silence sets over us like a warm blanket. I look up at him, our eyes connecting, both of us wanting to say something, but the words aren’t coming out. He beats me to it, though. “When was the first moment that you knew you hated me?”


The question catches me off guard, making me pause. “The first time I met you.” I wipe my hands off and set the bag to the side. “When was the first moment that you knew you hated me?”


He smiles a genuine smile, and it makes me hate him just a little more for being so beautiful. “The first time I met you.”


I roll my eyes and look up, but his fingers catch my chin, his eyes hanging onto mine. “Now ask me when was the first moment I knew I loved you.”

The whisper of those words lights goosebumps down my body. My heart races while my breathing stops. “Ask me, Little One.” I try to calm my erratic nerves and shaky palms.


“When was the first moment you knew you loved me?”


He smiles that smile again. “The first time I met you.”



About the author:

I go by Karlee. I was born and raised in Michigan, but now live in Southern California. I’m horrible at “About Me’s,” so bear with me. 😉


When I moved to California, I worked at a gym and met the most beautiful soul, Trini.

Our friendship was instant–we just clicked. Trini had Stage 4 Colon Cancer and was taken from us way too soon. No matter how much you think you’re prepared for something like this, when it finally happens, it feels catastrophic and devastating. Trini inspired my very first book, Sooner Than You Think. The idea came to me shortly after she passed, and the idea of writing a book was daunting. Self-doubt set in, and I never even tried.


Fast forward to May of 2019. After twenty-seven years of never really knowing what my purpose is, what I should do, or what I was meant for, I sat on my bed after putting my son to sleep and felt lost. My eyes kept looking at my computer until I grabbed it, opened Word, and thought, “let’s just see what happens.” Well, in less than a year this is now my third book, and let me tell you, I love doing this. This is it. I’ve found my passion and I love connecting with you readers. I’ve met the most amazing people throughout this journey, and I’ve never been so glad I pushed fear away and took the leap. I will always keep writing. Even if.



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