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Teaser Tuesday: Sanctum by K. Michelle

“Sanctum is airy and fresh, set in a world dipped in darkness. K Michelle will have you desperately flipping the pages.”- Author Brianna Jean

💀SANCTUM, the first book in the Sacred Series by @kmichelleauthor is coming February 25th!



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Do I scare you, Little One?

Do I make your knees shake and hands tremble?
Does your heart race and your lips quiver around me?
I’m your worst nightmare, lurking in the black oblivion that surrounds you.
Always watching. Always waiting.
They call me Priest, and I’ll make you repent for your sins.
But I won’t be able to protect you from mine.
Do I scare you, Cohen?

Does my mere presence heighten your pulse and warm the blood in your veins?
Do I stir the deepest parts of you? The parts you buried deep inside long ago?
Admit it, Cohen, I’m a thrill, scattered within the deepest layers of your mind.
Always tempting. Always enticing.
You found me in the woods. You were a danger, and I was naïve.
But now I want the wolf that hunts me.   
Call it a truce. Call it a surrender.
He needs justice. I need answers.
It’s us against them.
Cohen may have claimed me, but Sanctum wants to own me.
They plan on collecting.
But so am I.

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