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Review: Rainstorm (Perfect Storm #1) By Susana Mohel

Rainstorm by Susana Mohel

(The Perfect Storm Book 1)

Release: September 4, 2019




People say when you’re dying your entire life passes before your eyes.
But it is not my time. I’m not about to take my final breath, although it feels like the end of my life.
The blue folder sits, stamped with bold black letters.
Laughing at me.Mocking my marriage. Targeting my dreams.
All is going away, imploding. The future I’ve envisioned becoming just debris.
The man I love requesting a divorce.
Making me collapse.
Drowning in an ocean of pain and confusion, I refuse to let this end my life.
This is hard,but I’m stronger.
The rainstorm is hitting me full force, but I’ll stand.
After all, I’m the woman who owns the sunshine.



“You own the sunshine”

Rainstorm has been on my top reads since I heard Susana was going to release it and wow….. honestly I’m just astonished at how good it was.

“I wanted it all. Lust was a powerful weapon. And at that moment it was filling the space between us. Storming. Billowing. A wave I was more than eager to conquer.”

For the last year Rose has been having a silent battle with her self, the one many women battle when their marriage becomes routine. “Am I enough”, “is he bored”, “is it the weight I put on”? All questions no doubtably myself and others have thought when the years tick by in a relationship. While Rose tried to reignite the spark, Chase stays guarded, stoic to her efforts. Silently battling something so strong it is pulling him under the waves of the storm brewing for their marriage.

They only have one choice to make. Fight for it or let it go.

“The man I thought was my soul mate is right here in front of me, but this time he won’t be the one to take the pain away, not when an ocean of distrust separates us.”

The push and pull of the story keeps the pages turning lighting fast. The emotions you’ll feel reading this are literally going to pour out of your eye balls (Cue the tears)

Rose & Chase’s story is not an easy one. The chapters switch between their POV’s in the present and the past, twisting together the story of their lives as husband and wife, making you see the good and bad. It was emotional and tense to say the least. Though there are some light hearted moments, this is one of those stories that will make you cry & you’ll be almost glad it did. I cannot recommend this book enough if your looking for something to touch the soul, because Rainstorm is it.

My Rating: 5 stars

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