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Review: Falling for Fallon by SJ Sylvis

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TITLE: Falling for Fallon
SERIES: Oak Hill Series (All standalones)
GENRE: Romcom


Somehow, at the ripe age of twenty-three, I find myself in line to marry a man I don’t love.

I grind my teeth right there at the dinner table as my mother and father go on and on about how proud they are of me, how proud they are that I, Fallon Addington, will no longer be the black sheep of the family and become the daughter they’ve always wanted.

Marry Derek and they’ll finally accept me.

Marry Derek and they’ll stop shoving men from their “social circle” in my direction.

Marry Derek and become the spitting image of my mother; the perfect corporate wife with a face full of make-up and not a hair out of line.

Marry Derek and all the shame and guilt will disappear.

But then… I embarrassingly flash Emmett Lanning my bra and suddenly my parents’ hopes and dreams are burning up in flames, right there along with my heart. 




review 2.0

Everything involving this book was absolute perfection. Fallon and Emmett were perfect together and I adored their relationship so much.

Fallon was such a different characters from others I read and it made me love her endlessly. She was so kind hearted and selfless when it came to pleasing others. So many times I wanted to shake this girl and tell her to stop and grow a pair.

Emmett is the opposite, he knows what he wants and he goes for it. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks and he’s a truly good person!!!! He really brought out the best parts of Fallon and I loved him even more for getting her to open up.

Overall this book had everything going for it. It was funny, was a fantastic slow burn and the chemistry was 100% there. I’m so glad I started reading SJ Sylvis’s books because now I’m hooked
My Rating: 5 stars





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