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Review: Headlights, Dipsticks & My Ex’s Brother by Heather Novak


Headlights, Dipsticks & My Ex’s Brother
by Heather Novak

(Edies Automotive Guide Vol. 1)
Release Date: November 20, 2018
Genre: Romance, New Adult Romance

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A full-length STANDALONE sex-positive romantic comedy!

Running an auto shop is hard; running an auto shop as a woman is harder; running an auto shop with your ex–who is about to become your STEP-FATHER–and his hot brother is just insane. (And then there’s the chicken.)

Edie Becker is living her childhood dream of running her grandfather’s auto shop. She just didn’t count on having to share ownership of the company with two other people. Specifically, her ex-fiancé and his gorgeous older brother, Luke.

When Luke rolls into town for the first time in years, he has news that changes everything—he’s now the majority shareholder and he needs to sell the auto shop, and Edie’s house next door, as soon as he can.

To make matters worse, Edie’s ex-fiancé has just proposed…to her mother.

Edie’s determined to find a way to save her auto shop, to finally stand up to her heinous mother, and to not kiss Luke ever again…especially since he didn’t kiss her back.

If Edie’s plans don’t work, she’ll be unemployed, homeless, and worse: heartbroken.





Novak is a brand new author to me but when I read the blurb for Headlights, Dipsticks and my Ex’s brother I was blown away. I NEEDED this book in my hands! I adored this romcom, Novak’s writing is quirky and original. Her storyline is also very refreshing for a romance read!!

Edie is a car girl, she’s been in the shop since she could walk and now everything regarding the place she loves the most is falling apart around her. She’s had it rough the last few months, her leaving her fiancée, being on bad terms with her mother and now Luke her ex Will’s brother is back in town and she can’t keep her thoughts off of him. Luke’s true purpose for being back isn’t what Edie expects though and it sets the course for the rest of the book.

This book was simply hilarious. I would definitely compare Novak to R.S Grey’s writing. The comedy just flowed as did the sexual tension between Edie and Luke. The book has just about everything going for it, it’s a fun read with a lot of laughs and good chemistry among the characters. It’s even got a little drama added in there to make it more interesting. Highly recommend!


My rating: 4.7/ 5 stars


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