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Review: Why Stars Chase the Sun by C.R. Ellis


Why Stars Chase the Sun by C.R Ellis

Release Date: June 26th 2018
Genre: Romance, Contemporary

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Why Stars Chase the Sun is the debut novel for CR Ellis. It’s all about a 24 hour only relationship which would hook anyone of course. Hearing that alone in the blurb made me want to read this book and see how exactly a 24 hour relationship would be told story wise.

It begins taking place in Austin, Jade our main girl has just been dumped by her fiancée a few short months before her wedding. Leaving her absolutely devastated. But she recovers and Clem’s back stronger then ever. I liked Jades character, she was sweet and very dedicated to both her job and loved ones. She has some moments but overall I liked her.

Fast forward to 3 years later Jade is super successful as a wedding planner for her own buildings. She’s out one day and meets Emmett by chance and of course it’s instant, sparks are flying, they totally connect.
Emmett is really into Jade and after a 2nd chance meeting at bar he gives her the option of a no-strings, 24 hour free for all to get to know each other (and their body parts *wink wink*).

Emmett is hot and reserved.He has a haunted past that keeps him to himself, always on the outskirts of life. His character was slightly broody but sweet. I liked and didn’t like Emmett. He was constantly going back and forth over I want her, but can’t have her. I’m gonna tell her about me, I’m not gonna tell her about me. He was giving me whiplash until he finally made decision and then I liked him better.

They become so absorbed in each other that neither wants their relationship to only last 24 hours. But things don’t go as planned and the book becomes more suspenseful as both of Emmett’s and Jade’s past make their way to the present.

The book for me started out really good, I loved Jade and her first meeting with Emmett, it was insta Love but I expected that being as though it’s a “24 hours” deal. But after halfway through I couldn’t feel Emmett and Jade’s chemistry anymore, it started to get a little cheesy for me and I felt like they were constantly re hashing their feelings, making some scenes really repetitive. The suspense was good but it wasn’t consistent. It was really stop and go, one minute you think it’s gonna be happily ever after then it’s BAMB something else is going on. Some of it was a little extra but overall I enjoyed where the author was going with this. A 24 hour storyline is unique on its own and I thought it was great for a debut novel. I’m interested to see her future books!!
seseMy rating: 4 Stars




Twenty-four hours.
A no-strings-attached adventure with the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen—this was my alcohol-slash-lust-fueled proposal, and given before I could consider the potential ramifications. While his looks alone are enough to make a girl swoon, it’s the rest of him—a perfect balance of mysterious, sweet, and effortlessly charming—that draws me in. Through his cryptic comments and half-answers, he’s quickly become an enigma I’m determined to solve.

One way or another, this adventure promises to snap the stagnant, lackluster pattern my love life has been locked in lately.
Is it naïve and a little reckless to think this won’t blow up in my face? Probably.
But the bigger question is the only one I need to answer…
Is the chance to soar among the stars worth the risk of being burned when the sun eventually rises?

Love is a mistake I won’t make again.
My rules are simple. Keep things surface-deep. Don’t make plans. And never, ever get attached.
One look at her is all it takes for me to break my first rule.
One conversation with her is all it takes for me to question everything.
Which means accepting her proposal is bound to be a mistake.
She has no idea who I am or what kind of demons I live with, so I tell myself there’s no harm in spending one day with her. But the more I lose myself in her, the more she brings me out of the darkness and into her light, the harder it’ll be to let her go.
When reality comes crashing down on us in the worst way possible, I have to decide between walking away…or risking everything for the woman who breaks all of my rules.

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