Sea Reads Facebook

Hey guys look who’s finally on Facebook, Sea Reads is!!

Originally I never intended to make a Facebook page. I figured an Instagram, and my blog here was more than enough. However at the starting of my cousins own blog, she’s convinced me that ” what could it hurt”? And she’s absolutely RIGHT.

It couldn’t hurt! It can only help to grow more friendships based upon our mutual Book love! The page is called Sea Reads (obviously Jess🤦🏼‍♀️) and will contain the same content as my Instagram page. Some of the facebooks posts may be a little more detailed then the IG ones, and if I get enough followers on there I would love to host a giveaway! (I will have a 1k Instagram giveaway…eventually… when I get that many). Though all of the posts will always still be posted ON HERE! My blog posts always contain the major pieces of info regarding, new releases, pre orders etc. that sort of thing.

So basically give my Facebook a follow if you’d like! I would really appreciate it because I love you guys so much & all the support I have gotten since I started this journey! To like it you can either click Here OR if you just scroll towards the bottom of this post/ page I have a widget set up so you guys can like it straight through here! Thanks guys 😘

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