*Commander In Briefs Review*


Commander in Briefs by Kristy Marie
Publication Date : December 5, 2017
Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Arc generously provided in exchange for an honest review
So I was introduced to this book Commander in Briefs by Kristy Marie through the bookstagram community and I am so glad I read it! I was a little shocked to hear Kristy was a new author and this was her first release, because it is so well written!!
Commander in Briefs takes place in a town called Madison, where best friends Anniston and Theo are walking a thin line of friendship and relationship. Anniston begs Theo one night to take her virginity before she finishes med school. Theo agrees but after he’s emotional and confused, the ultimate question is will their friendship suffer?
Fast forward to present time Anniston and Theo are friends with benefits! [guess the virginity incident wasn’t so bad ;)] With their special Monday’s and Thursdays, they are basically a couple without admitting it. Theo is a professional baseball player and Anniston went into sports medicine. They try to work their friendship and sex life together while also secretly pining for each other. Their relationship is actually super sweet, and you see it in the little things for eachother
But things start to get heated when Anniston takes in Cade, a homeless veteran. They become close. Cade gives Anniston a new purpose to her life, and Anniston shows Cade life is worth living. Theo isn’t so happy about this. Constantly doing things to get on Cade’s nerves. However together, they take on other homeless vets and start a mini training camp at Ani’s house, to show them they’re worth something.
Things get a little crazy during the story, with dirty sex, jokes, wit and some crime, but If i give too much detail it could be a spoiler so you’ll just have to read to see all the goodies in this book!!
Commander in Briefs is a great read. Theo is an “ass” kind of hero, while Cade is the strong silent type (but loving nonetheless). and Anniston is a really strong alpha female character, who matches Theo’s wit every turn, and literally had these ex-military men by the balls! All of the characters had their own personalities, there was no blending or losing someone in the story. It was very distinct, and just amazing!!! It’s a great book all around and I can’t wait for what’s next *wink wink*

4.7 starfish

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