*Bad Habit* Review


Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose

Genre: NA Romance

Release: November 16, 2017


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*Arc provided by Author in exchange for an honest review*

“He burned me from the inside out, leaving nothing but ashes in his absence”

Bad Habit is literally a habit I won’t be able to kick. I devoured this book is less than 24 hours and I already cannot wait to pick it back up for re-read

“I’ve never been very good at sharing. Chalk it up to being an only child”

Bad Habit is an angsty friends to enemies to lovers book. With a relationship that starts when Briar is 14, she’s always been in love with her brother Dash’s best friend Asher Kelley. After a slight hookup one night in Dash’s room, Briar never hears from Asher again as he seemingly disappears. She’s left heartbroken wondering where it is he went and why?21106502_834409480059692_6774886078895267347_n.jpg

Asher believes he’s been betrayed by Briar somehow. His best friend’s little sister that he cannot stop thinking of. After 3 years Asher returns to town, his father is sick and he can’t stay away from Briar even though he swears he hates her.

Briar and Asher almost pick up where they left off, letting secrets and hidden emotions build between them. Will they find a way to work it out or will everything blow up in their faces?

“I could’ve loved him enough for the both of us if he let me”

 Briar is kind and loves deeply, she also doesn’t have a problem with telling people how she feels which makes her a kick ass heroin. While Asher is the best of asshole and sweetheart. Making him pure book boyfriend material. Bad Habit is the perfect mix of hot emotional angst. It brings out the real meaning of friendship and love. Showing blood isn’t always the meaning of family. This book is so well written, some of it similar to poetry. Charleigh Rose did an AMAZING JOB with Bad Habit. Forbidden Romance perfection. 5 Stars and Highly recommend!


5 starfish


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