*Opposite Similarites* Review 


Opposite Similarities: The journey towards joy by Mamoona Arshad

Release date: November 6th



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*arc provided in exchange for an honest review*

Opposite Similarities start off with Candice, 19 who has gone through a lot in her life. She lost her parents and brother in a car crash. Being the only survivor of her family, her home gets put up for auction and she moves in with her best friend and her family.

Aaron, 24 is a young businessman with a job opening for a new assistant when his has to go on maternity leave. When Candice hears about the job she decided it’s a step towards regaining some of her independence and giving her best friend a chance to spend time with her parents.

But Candice and Aaron never expected to feel the things they do when they meet. They both want each other more than anything, but things from their past keep rising to the surface and create new struggles and danger as they get to know one another.
I enjoyed each character and their personalities. I especially liked that Aaron wasn’t the typical millionaire that womanized. His character is actually super sweet, while Candice showed strength after a huge loss.

I give this book a 3.2/5 stars. Mainly because I felt since Candice and Aaron’s relationship was a heavy dose of insta-love, it all felt a little rushed. Another issue I had while reading is that there is a lot going on at once for a plot, but I found out that it is because this will be apart of a series so I am looking forward to see how things develop!! And OMG that ending! I will definitely be reading the next books & I recommend this one!


3.2 starfish

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