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Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadoury


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Whew! What story! Allerleirauh covers things in it that some may be a little apprehensive to consider it, But it is well worth the read.

A story of a princess who was ignored by her parents her whole life, suddenly becomes the main attraction for the king after the death of princess Aurelia’s mother the queen. Seemingly trapped in a palace with an abusive king and father, Aurelia desperately tries to find a way to stall the upcoming marriage her father is forcing her into with himself. She demands extravagant dresses and a cloak impossible to find. But when the king succeeds Aurelia has no choice but to run. Leaving everything she’s ever known, and be beloved hand maiden, She runs into hiding in another kingdom and charmed by its prince, Klaus. But will the princess find the strength to open up to him and reveal the secrets that haunt her at night? Or will the king find her first?

Allerleirauh is a story that reminded me why I love fairy tales. It’s a story of bravery, Allerleirauh keeps you almost on the edge of your seat as you’re reading, wondering what will come next for the princess.

“You have no power over me anymore”

And gives its princess a great character development who wants to fight for what she thinks is right. Learning to be strong for herself rather than obedient.

Quote #6 Allerleirauh.jpg

And Klaus, a sweetheart who shows that his kindness knows no bounds, he captures your heart when he’s first introduced. The story sucks you in and feel for each characters struggles. I felt as though I was with Princess Aurelia during her journey. Chantal makes her pages come to life and Both characters I felt were very well written along with the story. I’m so glad I was able to read this Book ❤


4.7 starfish

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