Day 2: Book & Beverage

IMG_8268.jpgWell hey there Day 2!

So for day 2 of the October Challenge I went with my favorite coffee mug Mermaid Vibes! Now I am obsessed with Mermaid (aka SEA reads) so of course when I found this mug at 5 Below it was a MUST HAVEgiphy-1.gif

And for the book I chose Say You’ll Stay by Corrine Michaels, now for this book there is something I must say….


I HAVEN’T actually read it yet, yup it is true. Even after all the wonderful reviews I haven’t been able to get to it yet, but believe me it’s on the list! (It seems like there is always something to add on to the list HaHa)

BUT IN OTHER WORDS, how perfect does Say You’ll Stay look with my first official Book Beau I got in my OwL Crate for September!? Just Love ittenor.gif

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