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New Release & Review: Hitching the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox (Circle B Ranch book #1)


Hitching the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox

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Wedding bells are the last thing on twenty-two year old Riley Bishop’s mind, but that’s exactly what he hears after waking up in Vegas next to a woman he just met—his new wife.
He never saw her coming, but she might be worth the risk.
Zoey Mitchell is high on life, free spirited, and adventurous. However, learning she married a rowdy cowboy after a night of partying is not what she expected—even for her. 


She’s risking it all, gambling with her heart.

Deciding to give their instant marriage a chance, Zoey moves from her big city life to a small town Texas ranch. She has to know if their connection is based on more than just a wild one-night stand before announcing to her family that she got hitched.


One moment changes everything—for better or worse—and a secret could destroy them both.
review 2.0

Thank goodness for Kennedy Fox starting the Circle B Ranch serious because I need a new fix for my Bishop Boy addiction!

I absolutely loved revisiting everyone at the ranch and the fact that all the kids are grown ups now, ugh so nostalgic. Riley reminded me so much of Alex I kept forgetting I was in fact reading from Riley’s POV and not Alex’s 🙈

So back to the book, I loved that Riley was courageously honest just like the the rest of his fam. He showed no doubts about Zoey where as most men would be petrified they just married someone in Vegas. Instead He openly shows his affections for her in front of everyone and claimed her as his.

Zoey was amazing, I loved her too as soon as she claimed herself as her family’s black sheep. I loved that she was adventurous and a silent rebel to her parents. Riley and his Texan lifestyle seemed perfect for her to grow out of her city, cookie cutter lifestyle her parents boxed her into & you really see her grow and open up on the ranch.

I enjoyed that Zoey’s personality matched Riley’s to a T and they were so cute together. They had a ton of chemistry it was insane and even though their relationship started off fast Riley was so romantic that the book didn’t have the cheesy insta love feel. It was much more genuine. It was a definitely swoon worthy and you need this type of romance book in your life ASAP! I cannot wait for The next book!


My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

4.5 stars


Brooke Cumberland & Lyra
Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up to write under the 
 Bestselling pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. They share a love of You’ve
Got Mail and The Holiday. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they
like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day, they decided to collaborate and
have some fun creating new characters that’ll make you blush and your heart
melt. If you enjoy romance stories with sexy, tattooed alpha males and smart,
independent women, then a Kennedy Fox book is for you! 
Keep up with all their social media platforms for updates & info!

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